The Wigmore's range of men's body and head massage services are designed to relieve the stress, tension and aches that build up from everyday activities.

Our price lists for men's body treatments is as follows:

Indian Head Massage - Invigorating, mind therapy massage of the neck, shoulders and head. Helping to reduce stress, tension, headaches and fatigue.
The Wigmore Back Treatment - Deep cleansing treatment, removes impurities, refines skin, soothes away muscle tension.
50 mins, £60.00
The Express Face and Body Treatment - A refreshing and brightening 30 minute facial, with express nail grooming for your hands and feet.
60 mins, £70.00
Ultimate Face and Body Treatment - Indulge yourself with a head to toe grooming experience. A customised facial with a subtle eyebrow tidy, nose/ear waxing, a relaxing neck and shoulder massage with express nail grooming for your hands and feet, including a hydrating foot treatment.
120 mins, £160.00

If you would like to book in for a treatment call us on 020 7935 9732 or use our simple contact form.