The Wigmore specialises in men's hair removal services and offer a variety of methods to suit the treatment area and needs of the client. Mens back waxing, eyebrow shaping and nose/ear waxing are the most common hair removal treatments at The Wigmore. We exclusively use Lycon wax and also offer threading for facial hair removal and Ellipse IPL for permanent hair reduction for the face and body.


Lycon wax is the market leader in hair removal wax. Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm. Low temperatures and gentle formulas provide nurturing and conditioning benefits for extra client comfort, leaving the skin smooth and soft to the touch.

Lycon precision waxing

Lycon: "The only wax worth taking your clothes off for."

Our price lists for mens waxing and threading treatments is as follows:

Eyebrow Grooming (Wax or Threading)
Upper Cheek (Wax or Threading)
Nose or Ear Wax
Nose & Ear Wax
Chest and Abdomen Wax
Back and Shoulder Wax
Back and Shoulder Wax (with Chest Trim)
Under Arm Wax
Upper Arm Wax
Full Arm Wax
Full Leg Wax
Intimate Waxing
Male Intimate Waxing includes 5 separate areas which can be combined for your preference. Buttocks, Intergluteal Cleft, Pubic Triangle, Base of Penis and Scrotum.
1 area - £50.00
2 areas - £75.00
3 areas - £90.00
4 areas - £105.00
5 areas - £120.00
Full Body (Excluding Intimate Areas)
Full Body (Including Intimate Areas)
Manscaping (Body Hair Trimming)
Arms - £25.00
Under Arms - £10.00
Legs - £35.00
Chest & Abdomen - £30.00
Back & Shoulders - £35.00
Intimate Areas - £50.00
Full Body (Excluding Intimate Areas) - £120.00
Full Body (Including Intimate Areas) - £160.00
Ellipse IPL Permanent Hair Reduction
Prices start from £40.00. Courses available.

Please visit the Advanced Aesthetic Solutions page for more information on IPL Permanent Hair reduction.

If you would like to book an appointment you can use our 'Book Now' button, call 0207 935 9732, or use our contact form. Gift vouchers are available via our online booking system.